5 Must-Have Items in your Picnic Basket

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The warmer weather is finally here and we’re taking full advantage! We love going outside every chance we get, and what better way to get outside than to have a picnic? We’ve got the sun, the warmth and the time, all that’s left is to fill our picnic basket.

5 Must-Have Items in your Picnic Basket

Let’s be honest, we love those lists of “50+ picnic basket essentials,” but you’re going to need a mule to carry a picnic basket with all that stuff in it. Since we’re not exactly about to steal a mule from the Philly zoo just to schlep our 50 lb. picnic basket, we thought we’d stick to 5 essentials for you…

five must have items in your picnic basket

  1. The comfiest blanket. Duh. 
  2. Pillows for extra comfort. You know your butt will thank you.
  3. The ultimate cheese & charcuterie spread. When you’re having a picnic, ditch the cutlery and stick with food you can eat with your hands! Do your adorable picnicking self a favor- take off the wrappers, pre-slice everything and put each type of food in a different container. That way you avoid the awkward “I wish I could open this cheese, but I need scissors for the wrapper and also I didn’t even remember a knife to cut anything” moment… Just don’t forget to pack napkins!
  4. A giant bottle of water…
  5. … And a bottle of bubbly. Because a picnic everything is better with bubbly. Trust us on this one. Bonus points if you and your picnic partner-in -crime drink straight from the bottle. Your secret is safe with us!

Happy Picnicking!

PS Need some picnic basket help? They can be expensive, but we found cheaper options here, here and here!

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