Meet the Broke Girls

When the blog started back in 2013, it had 5 writers and a book club.

broke girls go out

Throwback to the OG Broke Girls squad #babies

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, thanks for sticking around; and if you’re brand new to the site, welcome!

Broke Girls love reading (did you know BGGO even had a book club once?), binge watching TV shows and being total homebodies. Plus decorating our dream homes the only way we can afford… via pinterest. #sigh

We’re foodies and adventurers at heart- and we’d ditch our lives to travel the world, if we could!

I hope this blog proves that going out and having fun doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Because, after all, I didn’t choose the broke lifestyle, the broke lifestyle chose me.


P.S. Learn more about me!

Check out my interior design blog (a guilty pleasure), follow me on Twitter @jessherbs and read more about her here!



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