Meet the Broke Girls

When we started the blog back in 2013, we had 5 writers and a book club. It’s down to 2 of us now, but along the way we’ve discovered a whole lot of fellow broke girls!

broke girls go out

Throwback to the OG Broke Girls squad #babies

If you’ve been following along since the beginning, thanks for sticking around; and if you’re brand new to the site, welcome!

The two of us met back in college, but it wasn’t until after we graduated that we really became close. We share broke girl-friendly hobbies, of course. We love reading (did you know BGGO even had a book club once?), binge watching TV shows and being total homebodies. Plus decorating our dream homes the only way we can afford… via pinterest. #sigh

We’re foodies and adventurers at heart- and we’d ditch our lives to travel the world, if we could!

We hope this blog proves that going out and having fun doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Because, after all, we didn’t choose the broke lifestyle, the broke lifestyle chose us.




P.S. Learn more about us!
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