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When you’re foodies like we are, it’s very important to establish a fitness routine so you don’t wake up one morning and find that you’ve gained 100 lbs from all the delicious food you’ve been eating. I’ve been working on my fitness for a few years now, and learned that I’m not a “class” person, but I do really love running (love/hate? love to hate? something in between all those). Jess has dabbled with Philly Dance Fitness classes in the past, and just recently started going to hot yoga.

Given our fitness habits, of course we’ve been on the lookout for fitness equipment and accessories that are actually affordable. You won’t find lululemon on this list, which maybe is a good thing since we generally don’t love our asses showing through our yoga pants…

5 Must-Have Fitness Accessories (Under $20!)

  • Cushioned Ankle Socks, usually under $10 for a pack at Marshall’s – It’s impossible to have a great workout, yoga excluded, if you don’t have great cushiony socks to keep the blisters at bay.
  • 48 oz. Nalgene Bottle, $9 on Amazon – I LOVE this giant bottle. It might be something about having to fill it less times, but I found I’ve been drinking a lot more water ever since I started using it.
  • Foam Roller, $19 on Amazon – If you’ve never used a foam roller before, you’re missing out. Think deep tissue massage that you can do yourself. Uncomfortable and a bit awkward to use at first, but so worth it! And there are lots of online tutorials and foam roller stretches to reference if you need help in the beginning.
  • Yoga Mat Strap, $9 on Amazon – If you go to yoga classes, you definitely need a carrier to schlep your mat back and forth. Straps are generally cheaper than a bag, but there are some less expensive bags out there if that’s what strikes your fancy.
  • Armband for your phone, various styles under $20 on Amazon – I’ve never understood people who carry their phone in their hand when they run. They might not be concerned with dropping their phone due to sweaty hands, but I certainly am, so get yourself an arm band. There are lots of affordable styles to choose from!

And if you’re looking for great workout clothes, head directly to Marshall’s (do not pass go, do not collect $200). The activewear at Marshall’s is made up of all the name brands you know and love (and wish you could afford), sold for discounted prices that you can actually afford. Win!



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