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Once a Broke Girl, Always a Broke Girl

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I’ve been taking a long hard look at my life lately, as you might have picked up from my last post.

While most things are really positive and I’m feeling very “Fuck yeah! Woman power! Here I go again on my own!” overall, this introspective period has also brought about some big changes and very difficult decisions.

After almost 5 years working on this blog, I’ve decided it’s time to hand over the BGGO reigns and begin a new blog adventure.

I started Broke Girls Go Out after college, when I suddenly had the realization that I needed to figure out how to have a social life while earning less money than I owed in bills every month, and I always knew it was bigger than me. Right from the gate, I recruited a few friends to work on it with me, and we became “The Broke Girls.”

It’s changed a lot over the years- some of the Broke Girls left Philly and moved on from blog life, logos have been created, we made a Facebook page and even shut down for a bit to re-brand with a shiny new look.

BGGO is my baby, and I’m sad to move on, but finally ready to admit that it’s the right step for me. Plus, I know you’ll all be in good hands with Jess!

Besides all that, being a Broke Girl is a way of life, and you can bet I’ll always be a Broke Girl at heart.



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Martine is a social media enthusiast with a marketing background. Sheโ€™s the founder of Broke Girls Go Out, a seasoned blogger, amateur event planner and an entrepreneur-in-training.

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