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Broke Girls Have Hobbies: Couponing

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What 23 year old says their hobby is couponing? This girl does! Couponing is my #1 money saving tip and how I find myself not totally broke all the time! Now I’m certainly not “extreme” like those people you see on TLC getting 1,000s of things for literally $1.00 but I do get some good deals on a weekly basis.

Black Friday couponing Haul. Paid $4.11. Got back 8.79 in ECBS and $8 in UPS. Total product value: $52.25.

I was raised on saving money and shopping clearance racks. And while my mom always cut coupons she was never super serious about it. So when I was close to graduation and had no serious job prospects in site I took up couponing as my job.

Paid $2.83 for all of this! Retail value is $49.60! I also got back $12 ECBs and $2 +UPs making this a money making haul.

And while unemployed I was able to coupon a pretty size-able stockpile. One that my boyfriend and I could live off of for quite a few months. And despite having a more than full time job now I still keep up with couponing, just not as intensely.

It is a lot of work cutting coupons and finding deals but social media and blogs sure make it easier. I follow a lot of great people on Instagram that post deals and clearance finds.

This beauty of a haul cost me $10.38 for $113.99 worth of products! And I got back $13 in ECBS from CVS. Another money maker!

So I’ll never again pay for shampoo or conditioner. Nail polish? Forget it! Toothpaste? Razors? Shaving cream? Nope – won’t ever pay for those again – thanks to couponing I can get them for free.

My boyfriend tells me to give it up and stop being so cheap – but I really do enjoy the thrill of the hunt and finding a good deal!

Do you coupon regularly? Let me know in the comments how your hobby is saving you money!

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