Loyalty Programs that are Actually Worth It

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It seems like EVERY store has a loyalty program nowadays. Some send coupons to your inbox, some rewards accrue based on money spent (some do both!), but not all of them are really worth your time or the space in your email. Lucky for you, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite loyalty programs that are actually worth it.

Martine loves…

Ulta rewards work in a few different ways. There’s always a $3.50 off coupon in their emails (every now and then they change it up to a 20% off coupon), plus every dollar you spend accrues and goes towards discounts on future purchases (100 points = $3 off). I shop here for the majority of my beauty and hair care needs and seem to never have to make a purchase without getting a discount of some sort!

If you take JetBlue on the regular (or even semi-regular), their TrueBlue program is totally worth it! Points accrue based on the price you pay for tickets (and hit your account once you’ve traveled), and you can use those points to pay for other flights. I fly JetBlue home at least twice a year (usually more around 3 or 4 times), and have used my points for 2 roundtrip flights already. Last time I used my points, I only paid $11.50 out of pocket- score!

If you’re a fan of Bath & Body Works like I am, you have to get on their email list. Although they do some heavy emailing about their promotions (significantly less annoying thanks to Gmail’s email filters), I love that their sale alerts get delivered right to my inbox. I buy mostly hand soap and lotion from BBW, so I’ll always keep an eye out when I run low of those. They have sales all the time- I can’t remember the last time I bought something without a discount.

I also always get 20% off coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond! I’m on their email list and get both online and in-store coupons. I don’t take advantage of their offers all the time, but they’re worth getting for whenever you do need something for your home!

Honorable Mentions: Gap & Old Navy – Not necessarily their loyalty programs, but when was the last time you walked into either of these stores and didn’t see discounts on the majority of their items?


Jess loves…

You know this list wouldn’t be complete without a Target mention! The REDcard (either credit or debit) gives you 5% off your total order, and also free shipping for online orders. I love seeing the price of my order drop at the cash register when I pull out my card!

As a member of Express‘s loyalty program, Express Next, I earn $10 off every time I reach 2500 points (you get 10 points for every dollar spent). Plus, Express regularly sends coupons for discounts (the “spend a certain amount, get a certain amount off” type coupons). I don’t shop at Express too often, but it’s great to have around when I need a cute professional item!

Honorable Mention: CVS – Former Broke Girl Alex used to swear by her CVS card and sometimes they would end up owing her money (she was also really into couponing…)!


Your turn: Which loyalty programs do you love?

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