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Rainy Day Reads: 1st Edition

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How about a little bit of link love for our fellow broke girls?

There’s no need to take your clothing to a seamstress or tailor (or worse, discard of them completely!) if you know how to fix them up yourself. Lifehacker rounded up 33 clothing hacks that cover everything from how to mend a broken zipper, to removing lipstick stains, to making shoes wider and more comfortable. I totally know how to save my sunglasses now!

If you never feel you have the time to read, this list is for you! 20 Novels You Can Read in One Sitting. (I’d like to add my personal favorite, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. The whole story takes place over the course of one night, so it’s awesome to finish the book as the sun is coming up on both you and the characters!)

If you’re like me, you’re in desperate need of some assistance in the kitchen. Budget Bytes looks like an awesome place to find easy-to-make recipes on weeknights. Bonus points, she tells you how much the meal costs and even breaks it down to the price per serving.

Need some inspiration where interior design is involved? The Lovely Side offers ideas on how to style your space to mimic favorite rooms on screen. Check it out! Get the Look: Mindy’s Apartment from The Mindy Project. The products themselves can be pricey, but she breaks the elements down so that you can determine how to recreate the space for yourself on a budget!

If you live in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, a new Meetup group out in Bristol is focusing on “Mastering the Art of Shopping for Profit“. Want to turn your shopping habit into an income? According to these guys, it’s possible.

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