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Rainy Day Reads: 2nd Edition

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Some years, it seems that there’s just something about the warm weather that makes you want to do a total spring cleaning of everything in life. We’re talking shoes and wardrobe; office desk and home decor; even friends and bad habits. Truly everything gets an overhaul during the springtime, kitchen sink included. And those changes can get a bit pricey. Check out the following links we’ve culminated to help curb your spending!

Need a new DIY project? We’re more than a little obsessed with the amazing projects featured on Trend-mixblog. Ever want to try your hand at making your own pastel bracelet, ombre pillow or a fun printed sunglasses case? Lauren takes each project step by step with helpful photos – and she makes them all look so super easy and chic!


Photos c/o Trend mix-blog


Shopping online while sticking to a budget can be hard. But seems like the perfect solution to our problems! Every piece of gently used vintage or brand name clothing is priced at just 15 bucks (amazing), and at any time, proceeds from each sale are donated to disaster relief funds across the world.

We could all stand to be a little more financially-savvy. This article by Femme & Fortune offers the Five Financial Truths Every 20-Something Should Know – from understanding your 401(k) to cutting back so that you can live in accordance to your values and goals. Tres useful, n’est-ce pas?

LifeHack is always good for quick and dirty money-saving tips. Just when you think you’ve exhausted your options, they dish up simple, sound advice like:

Use the 30-day rule

When you’re considering making a large purchase, use the 30-day rule. If you still want it just as much after 30 days, consider making the purchase. Often you’ll find that you no longer care about whatever it is you wanted. This eliminates spontaneous purchases made out of excitement or emotion.

+ Don’t replace, repaint

If you’re planning to replace an item in your home, such as an appliance, cabinets or bathroom components; consider painting before replacing. If you’re only replacing it because of the appearance, painting may be your best bet. Anything from appliances and cabinets to sinks and bathtubs can be painted. You just have to buy the right paint. Always make this consideration before buying something new.

Check out the other points from their 20 mini money hacks post here!

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