Road Trip Essentials

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We all know the most important thing to bring on a road trip is good music (right?), but packing some key items can mean saving time and money while you’re on the road. So if you’re loading up the car for the long weekend, don’t forget these essentials!

Road Trip ImageRoad Trip Essentials

  1. Maps and Directions We’ve all been there: Google Maps on your phone says only 10 minutes to your destination (!), but suddenly you lose service in the middle of nowhere town. And it’s pitch black out because middle of nowhere town doesn’t have street lights (or any human life to speak of). You could drive around for another half an hour or more trying to figure out where to go (the horror!), OR you could pull out your handy map and directions that you printed out ahead of time just in case this exact thing happened. Look at you, you’re so smart.
  2. Snacks Skip the drive through and opt to bring lots of snacks instead! Road trips are a great excuse to stock up on some of your favorite junk food. If you’re looking to go the healthier route, granola bars, pretzels and fruit are great options. For longer trips, pack a cooler! Having a cooler opens up a lot more possibilities food-wise (like yogurt, sandwiches, cheeses, etc.). Don’t forget to stock up on drinks, too! Buying snacks and drinks ahead of time will not only save you the time of stopping for every meal or driving out of your way to get a meal, but will also save you money, since you’ll pay a premium for these things at rest stops and convenience stores along major highways.
  3.  Pillows & Blankets If you’re driving longer distances with friends or family, you’re going to have a chance to sleep for a bit when it isn’t your turn to drive. Take full advantage, and make sure you bring your pillows and blankets for maximum comfort.
  4. Caffeine An obvious road trip essential! We love chocolate covered espresso beans because they don’t make you have to go to pee like coffee or energy drinks, but choose your favorite and buy a lot of it!
  5. USB Charger Nowadays most devices have a USB cable (at least on one end), so this device is pretty universal no matter what kind of phone or other device you might have. You never know what can happen out on the road, so you don’t want to get caught with a dead phone.
  6. Ibuprofen Headaches are the worst. So is back pain. Both are pretty likely in a road trip situation. Bring some medicine with you, just in case.


Other Tips

Drink strategically! No one wants to be the person who has to pee every 5 seconds!

Plan your day in advance. For longer trips, decide how many miles you want to go each day, and make sure you stay on track so you get to your destination on schedule!

Book accommodations ahead of time. If you’ll be driving over many days, you’re going to need to find places to sleep. Booking ahead of time can save money and also make the trip go a lot smoother. You don’t want to get stuck driving around looking for a place with vacancies when you’ve already been driving for 10 hours.

Take breaks. It’s tempting to drive straight through so you can get where you’re going AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but it’s not the best idea. Take breaks to stretch your legs and give your eyes a rest, even just for a few minutes. And please, pull over if you’re falling asleep. Better safe than sorry!


Safe travels and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


Martine is heading to Massachussets this weekend. Follow her road trip adventures on our Instagram story! ig: brokegirlsgoout

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