What I Bought This Week: Starbucks Reusable Holiday Cup

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I don’t… think?… I have a propensity towards impulse buys. My willpower remains steadfast on approaching the cash register of any grocery or convenience store – and I LOVE chocolate candy, so pretty sure that counts for something.

But I trekked to Starbucks the other day for a caffeine pickup after lunch (fried chicken from Wishbone R U JEALOUS?), and stopped before placing an order with the barista. Because Starbucks is selling these reusable holiday cups – and I was JUST thinking to myself ON THE WAY THERE, that I might need one.

OK, maybe not “need”. But here’s the thing. We have a little kitchenette at my work office, complete with a giant coffee maker. So I, like millions of other young professionals, have access to free, unlimited, hot coffee daily… but I always wind up at Starbucks. Or Old City Coffee. Or lately, Ben & Betsy’s Coffee & Gifts (shout out to my new favorite spot that I walked past for 4 years before ever stopping in! Such a mistake. Be ye not as stupid as me.)

And, between, say, May through September, I blamed it on my need for iced coffee. Who wants a warm cup of jo when it’s 60+ degrees out, yano? But when it’s cold as balls out, my excuse for avoiding the free stuff at work was that I didn’t like the coffee there. We tried a few different grinds over the years, but I was never a real big fan.

Then my coworker asked me what coffee I wanted to drink at the office. And I responded “Pike’s Place would be solid”. And you can guess what I did for breakfast the week following, once our office pot was fully locked and loaded with my go-to Starbucks beverage. I walked to Starbucks. Because eh, why regular coffee when you can pay extra for a flat white?

*Cue you, dear reader, shaking your head.*

So, on my walk of shame, I got to thinking.. Why WAS IT that I still desired to trek a few blocks in uncomfortable heels in the frigid Philly cold when my usual coffee was a hop, skip and a jump away from my desk? “Maybe it’s the cup!” I thought. I’m the slowest coffee drinker in the wooorrlddd. I heat and reheat the same single cup of coffee from 10 AM until 3 PM. Mugs = no bueno when you take one sip every 30 minutes.

flourish starbucks holiday cup

So I was thiiiinking to myself on the way to Starbucks that, “You know, I’m sure you can buy a coffee cup somewhere that’s reusable and has the same lid you get from coffee shops?” And lo and behold, here was this adorable, inspirational little number right in front of my eyes.

Since buying my Starbucks reusable holiday cup, I’ve been jazzed to make my own cup of coffee at work. It’s seriously curbed my desire to splurge on that early morning java, which makes me feel like a more savvy spender and a bit less wasteful. The 10c per cup saved if I take it to Starbucks isn’t really a benefit for me, but it’s a nice little perk for other Broke Girls!

Cost: $0. The cup itself cost something like $2, but I got it for free because I had a free reward to spend!

Savings to Date: I bought this bad boy on December 6, according to my Starbucks account history. Estimating I used it maybe 7 times before work let out for the holiday, I’ve saved anywhere between $14.77 on Pike Places and $29.89 on flat whites. And don’t get me started on peppermint mochas 😉

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